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Selected articles from The Weekly Farce:

Farce Exclusive: Farce publisher rumored dead! PDF HTML

May 1994: Is it a sick hoax, or has Ken McEntee, publisher of The Weekly Farce, met an untimely demise. We examine the clues.

Weekly Farce Scenesville Intervyoo: Jesus H. Kennedy & the Turdz Read it

April 1991: Weekly Farce entertainment editor Hoods Blatnick goes in-depth in a kick-ass interview with Cleveland rock phenomenon Jesus H. Kennedy & the Turdz shortly after the tragic deaths of drummer Skull Rathbone and keyboardist Hitler J. Goldstein.

Hitler Goldstein's art donated to Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Read it

November 1994: Following his tragic death from consuming tainted goat's milk, the artwork of Hitler J. Goldstein, keyboard wizard for Jesus H. Kennedy & the Turdz, is donated to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

A guitar smash to the head started it all Read it

August 1995: During a brief but momentous period between the British Invasion, the MK Ultra sound and psychedelia, slapstick rock ruled rock n roll. During the countdown to the opening of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, The Farce caught up with pioneer promoter Ritchie Cravitz to reminisce about the era.

Get rich quick ad: You can make $9 million in weeks - Guaranteed Read it

April 1994: Learn the secret to wealth and power that literally makes bankers piss themselves in your presence. And it takes virtually zero effort.

Cat in the Hat disrupts Dr. Seuss' funeral Read it

April 1994: All of the Hortons and all of the Whos attended the funeral of their friend Dr. Seuss. All was well until the Cat in the Hat showed up.

Weekly Farce Business Section: Profiling Peppy's Parcel Service Read it

May 2001: There's just something about wearing a suit and tie that makes people respect you, even if you're an asshole.

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